Sport fishing!

During spring and autumn sport fishing is very popular. The fishing areas are extensive –  more than 20 km! It is well-known that the north-west part of Aland has the best pike and perch fishing. And if you are lucky – a perchpike or sea trout might bite!

In the fishing season, April-June and September-November, boats equipped with outboard motors are available for hire. You can also buy fishing licences and get a map of the area.  Try out different angling methods – spinners, wobblers, spoons and jigs.

Our 18 boats are safe and steady. Length 4,15 – 4,40 m (2-3 people) You can hire them with an outboard motor, 4 or10 hp. The rent includes fuel, anchor and life jackets. You can also bring your own motor if you prefer.

Tables with running water and lighting are at your disposal for cleaning and gutting your fish – and a fish-smoker.

Most sport anglers practice “catch-and-release”. Take a photo of your dream-pike – and release it! Sport fishing must be responsible – for the future.  You are allowed to keep one pike/day/person, 60 – 85 cm. The number of perches is not limited.

In wintertime ice-fishing is a challenge. Two cottages are available in wintertime.